Reduction of between 70% and 100% in reactive energy consumption

9motivi-ico49motivi-8More and more countries are implementing policies to minimise reactive energy for technical, economic and environmental reasons. Many nations have already introduced billing systems that penalise the generation of reactive energy by end users, and more countries are likely to follow suit soon. The latest electronic meters are able to measure the reactive component of energy consumption and bill consumers for it as an extra cost, depending on the type of contract in force.

green@wave® welding power sources completely eliminate reactive power consumption with single phase power supplies, and dramatically reduce it with three phase supplies too, thus helping users to keep their consumption within the extra charge threshold. And the more green@wave® power sources you have operating along your production line, the bigger this contribution is. In addition, in factories and on sites where welding equipment is the principal cause of reactive power, the introduction of green@wave® power sources virtually eliminates the need to install costly and bulky phase correction systems.